Coastal Door Refinishing Customers Tell Us About Their Experiences

Double Door Refinishing Jacksonville, Florida

"You made my door look young again!"  -- Mrs. DeVaul

"Making America look more beautiful, one door at a time. Get in line!!!" -- Bob D.

"Our 'new' front door looks fantastic! Coastal Door Refinishing did an amazing and flawless job! Thank you for choosing our door for the "trial." They know just what they're doing. Let me know when and where to write up a rave review!" --Robyn F.

"Coastal Door Refinishing did a wonderful job in restoring my front door and side panels to its original beauty! They called me within 10 minutes after I signed up online, and my door was refinished 3 days later! They did a great job & gave me outstanding service!" -- Tim

"We were very pleased with the work ethic, price and outcome!! Our door looks like brand new!!! Highly recommend !!!"  -- Gayle