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How We Work

There is a difference between Re-conditioning and Refinishing!  Our homeowners realize that stripping the finish off and refinishing a wood door is a time consuming and expensive process. This is why they hire and trust us.  

How Doors Fade and Crack

Once the clear coat on doors begins to breakdown from the sun, salt air and other elements of nature, the wood deteriorates quickly. It is important to take the steps to protect the wood as soon as possible.  Our treatment provides protection from the constant exposure to ultraviolet light and salt air.

Beware when you try to recondition a front door!

Sometimes, unhappy with the way a door is aging, a homeowner will try to enhance the appearance of the door by adding more stain or coat the door with a semi-transparent stain.  

Adding stain or additional sealant over a door with water and sun damage usually ends up unsightly and will not fix the problem long-term. Let our professionally trained craftsman bring your door back to its original glory. 

How to Budget for Your Door Project

Depending on the intricacy of the door and the presence of side lites or transom, the refinishing cost may range between $450 and $1,500. For a garage door, depending on its size and the condition of the old coating, the refinishing cost may range between $1,400 and $2,500.

 Coastal Door Refinishing Customer Benefits

When Coastal Door Refinishing completes your door and maintains it every two or three years, depending on the exposure, the door will not have to be refinished again for years to come.

We have our customers on a system to call and remind them to check their door every 18 months to two years to see if the sealant needs to be refreshed.  Using the right products and doing the maintenance are critical to keeping wood front doors and wood garage doors looking their best.